#4 Best Stocks to Buy Right Now in the World – 2021 Latest Update

Do you want to invest in stocks? Should I show you the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now in Canada, India or anywhere in the world this 2021.

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  • Stocks that will double in 2021
  • Cheap stocks to buy today

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Best Stocks to Buy Right Now

These list of Best growth stocks to buy now below was sourced from the web, such as entrepreneur.com.

  • Coinbase 
  • Roblox Corporation
  • Coursera Inc.
  • Airbnb Inc. 


Coinbase was listed on Wall Street Wednesday, with COIN stock rising as high as $429, briefly giving it a market value over $100 billion. The Coinbase IPO is for sure, a very great significant occasion for crypto investors as it is the first company specializing in cryptocurrencies to go public.

Roblox Corp.

Roblox is a video game platform that has grown spectacularly since it started in 2004. The game currently has on average over 30 million daily active users. RBLX stock rose unbelievably to $82 on Tuesday after it announced a partnership. But the stock gave back its gains on Wednesday as the broader market was under pressure.

Coursera Inc.

Coursera is current among the leading online learning platform for higher education. founded in 2012, Coursera has grown rapidly to become a common name for online learning. The platform currently has over 77 million registered users. Impressively, it has already partnered with over 200 universities and industry educators to provide courses to the public. Since the company’s shares debuted at the end of March, COUR is already up over 10%. The pandemic certainly benefited Coursera as registered users were up over 60% throughout 2020. Revenues also grew above 50%.

Airbnb Inc.

Airbnb Inc. is a home rental start-up company. Airbnb Inc. is arguably be a good IPO stock to watch as the economy reopens. The company has already been disrupting the hotel and short-term property rental markets for years.

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