Top Best Universities for Molecular Biology and Genetics in the World – Updated List

Here’s the top best ranking Universities for Molecular Biology and Genetics in the World.

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Best Universities for Genetics in the World

This is the recent ranking best colleges for Genetics in the World listed in ascending order.

#1: Harvard University

Harvard University was established in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest higher education institution in the U.S. With Total number of twenty one thousand two hundred and sixty one (21,261) students and 5,217 Number of international students and Two thousand two hundred and eighty (2,280) total number of academic staff and four hundred and fifty six (456) Number of international staff and one thousand eight hundred seventeen (1,817) Number of undergraduate degrees awarded, and four thousand seven hundred and ten Number of master’s degrees awarded and one thousand five hundred and forty seven (1,547) Number of doctoral degrees awarded. and two thousand seventy five (2,075) Number of research only staff. and one thousand seven hundred (1,700) Number of new undergraduate students. and three thousand five hundred and sixteen (3,516) Number of new master’s students. and one thousand four hundred and forty six (1,446) Number of new doctoral students.

#2: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded in 1861, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston. With Total number of 11,276 students. and Total number of 1,338 academic staff.

#3: Stanford University

Stanford University was established in 1885 and is located in California’s Bay Area, around 30 miles south of San Francisco. Having total number of 16,223 students and Total number of 2,205 academic staff.

#4: University of California–San Francisco

The University of California—San Francisco is a public institution that was founded in 1864. The school has three main locations – the Parnassus, Mission Bay and Mount Zion campuses. Having more than 3,000 students.

#5: Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is a private institution that was founded in 1876. The school has campuses located in and around Baltimore and the District of Columbia, as well as in Italy and China. Having over total number of 16,432 students and total number of 3,715 academic staff.

#6: University of Oxford

The precise date of the University of Oxford’s founding is unknown, but the school traces its roots back to at least 1096. Oxford is located around 60 miles northwest of London.

#7: University of Washington

The University of Washington is a public institution that was founded in 1861. The school’s oldest and largest campus in terms of enrollment is located in Seattle – the largest city in Washington. Having a total number of 46,258 students and total number of 4,312 academic staff.

#8:  University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania, also known as Penn, was founded in 1740. The private, Ivy League institution is located in West Philadelphia. Having total number of 20,771 students and total number of 3,226 academic staff.

#9: University of California–San Diego

The University of California—San Diego is a public institution that was established in 1960. It is located in the La Jolla community of San Diego, near the Pacific Ocean.

#10: University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, located around 60 miles north of London, has been in existence since 1209. Having total number of 19,580 students and Total number of 1,750 academic staff.

Reasons why Best Genetics College in the World are Ranking the Best

  • Location
  • Student Population
  • Tuition Fees
  • Qualities of Academic Staffs
  • And other University statistics.


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