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Qualified candidates for Chevron Scholarship 2021/2022 can now go to the scholarship application portal to apply for Chevron Scholarship Program Award.

Chevron Scholarship is a scholarship scheme offered by Chevron Nigeria Limited. Chevron is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria and one of its largest investors. In partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), gives scholarships to undergraduates in Nigeria; the scholarship is meant only for undergraduates


List of Scholarships Associated with Chevron

Below are the scholarships associated with Chevron:

  1. NNPC/Chevron Undergraduate Scholarship: This scholarship requires an applicant to be a Nigerian or an international student studying in any of the universities in Nigeria. Only understudies in 200level or second year can apply for this. The applicant is also expected to come from some departments and should have a good CGPA rating of second class upper as at the time of applying. The applicant’s departmental head will also play a vital role as his signature is needed for the applicant to submit his application. Now you see that one must also have good character because no departmental head will want to sign for a student with a questionable character.
  2. NNPC/Chevron Secondary School Scholarship: This scholarship helps students especially those from indigent homes to pay through school. It also strengthens educational attainment in host societies. Chevron has also helped the visually deformed students inhabiting in the states to get structured facilities that will aid them in their academic performance. Since inception, Chevron and its allies have allowed $11.6 million to secondary schools in Nigeria to erect and furnished twenty-four laboratories and fourteen crossbred libraries. The principal of the applicant’s school must ably sign stating the last session report card.
  3. NNPC/Chevron JV National University Scholarship: Here, this scholarship is meant for undergraduates. Applicants are only permitted to apply through the website before they can be considered. Thereafter, designated students will be brought on for computer-based tests where the best will be selected. So many students have profited from this scholarship scheme since its advent. And guess what? There is no payment of any kind before one can access this scholarship.
  4. Chevron Masters Scholarship: Applicants for this scholarship are expected to be graduates from reputable institutions, who must have graduated with a minimum of the second class upper honor statuses.

Conditions for Selections

For someone with access to Chevron undergraduate scholarships, the person can be a Nigerian or an international understudie at the second-year or 200 level. He is also required to complete the online application function with verifiable and factual documents. Note that applications are accepted only from the website and each applicant is expected to submit only one application; as anyone with multiple applications will be disqualified from seeking the scholarship.

Which Course is Required

Students studying any of the under-listed courses are qualified to apply for the Chevron scholarship. They are:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Agriculture Engineering/ Agricultural Science
  3. Architect
  4. Business Administration/ Economics
  5. Chemical Engineering
  6. Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/ Systems Engineering
  7. Electrical/ Electronic Engineering
  8. Environmental Studies/ Surveying
  9. Geology/ Geophysics
  10. Law
  11. Mass Communication/ Journalism
  12. Mechanical/ Metallurgical & Material Engineering
  13. Human Medicine/ Dentistry/ Pharmacy
  14. Petroleum Engineering

Application Requirements

An application for Chevron scholarship should have the following:

  1. JAMB Admission letter stating your admission.
  2. A passport photograph
  3. A school identity card
  4. A result statement duly signed by the head of the department stating the last session CGPA.
  5. A sworn affidavit in the case of errors in names or age.

Method of Application

If you wish to apply for the Chevron scholarship, See below list of chevron scholarships to access the application link.

  1. Click on “Apply Now” to submit
  2. You’ll receive an email and an SMS to confirm your application was successful
  3. Proceed to download your profile and it signed by your Head of Department
  4. Upload a scanned copy on your profile

Why this Chevron scholarship

The Chevron scholarship offers an undergraduate between N100,000 and N150,000 while a postgraduate gets more than N200,000. The scholarship has helped those whose parents can’t afford to train them, especially the indigent ones. Over the years, the Chevron scholarship has impacted the lives of Nigerian scholarship.

Start here to apply for Chevron Scholarships for Nigerian students to study at Nigerian universities and overseas.


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