Free Accredited High School Diploma Online no Cost for Adults 2021

Do you agree with me that High School Diploma can come with an extreme cost, and adults students in California, Florida, Texas and MO in United States are not exempted.

Liken with some European countries offering free online high school diploma for international students.

But, even around the U.S. free high school diploma online free laptop for adults and international students exist.

Keep reading to discover more about homeschool for adults high school diploma.

Accredited Online High School Diploma Programs 

We all know that online high school diploma for young people really exist in today world. As, many high school students use laptop or other devices to connect with each other and with their daily interests. Thus, it’s better to chase a free accredited high school Diploma online at no cost?

Meanwhile, we understand that one of the fear most student face in pursuing a homeschool for adults high school diploma is the fear of been scammed! Hence, students are advice to conduct a thorough investigation of the programs before paying the fees. As Online High School that offer fake diplomas are rising everyday and are constantly evolving.

In fact: you also need to check the school accreditation to certify it’s a legitimacy as an accredited institution. You can as well go to Better Business Bureau to check the reputation of the school.

Free Accredited Online High School Diploma Programs With No Cost

The following list of accredited schools offers free accredited high school Diploma programs you can get online at no cost.

#1. Penn Foster

Official Website:

Penn Foster is a private school based in Pennsylvania for both high-school students and adults. Furthermore, they are nationally accredited by Advanced and accredited at a regional level by the Association of Colleges and Schools of the Secondary Schools Commission of the Middle State.

Also, they offer high school programs or vocational training with a high school diploma in automobile, carpentry, childcare, culinary arts, electricity, health, information technology, pharmacy technician, plumbing, and early college.

The program has a credit load of 21.5 credits for $1315 (available in monthly installments as small as $49). However, they offer discounts ($96 discount for autopay; $366 discount for full payment upon enrollment)

In addition, they accept up to 16 transfer credits ($45 discount on tuition per accepted transfer credit).

Penn Foster is unique because it partners with the programs of Career Schools, Universities, and Job Corps throughout the country. If you are eligible and accepted by one of these partner schools, tuition costs for the high school diploma program may be covered.

#2. James Madison High School Online

Official Website:

James Madison High School Online gives a free accredited high school diploma online at no cost and is based in Norcross, GA. They are accredited by AdvancED, DEAC, and Council for Higher Accreditation (CHEA).

Also, they offer year-round open enrollment and have diploma programs in about twenty-four (24) courses.

English, Biology, Physical Science, American History,and World Geography are among these courses.

Their Tuition (0% interest monthly payment plans as low as $49/month) is are: If no high school credits completed $1,799, Completed 9th Grade $1,439, Completed 10th Grade $1,079 and Completed 11th Grade  $779.

#3. The Keystone School

Official Website:

The Keystone School is based in Bloomsburg, PA. They offer Standard Pathway (course by course) or Accelerated Pathway (for students with 12+ transfer credits).

They offer Standard Pathway (course by course) or Accelerated Pathway (for students with 12+ transfer credits). It takes at least eight weeks and at most twelve weeks to complete each course. Also, students typically get 5-6 credits per year.

Furthermore, they have approval from AdvancED, State Board of Private Licensed Schools, and Commonwealth of PA.

The tuition is $399/course for Standard Pathway and $1,485 total for Accelerated Pathway. It allows payment plans of four, seven, nine or twelve months.

#4. Excel High School

Official Website:

Excel High School gives a free accredited high school diploma online at no cost and is based in Plymouth, MN. They have a license from Advanced.

Furthermore, their standard diploma track is 21.5 credits and full time is 4-6 courses/semester.

It takes 12 weeks to complete these courses. They have a flat $99 monthly tuition fee for unlimited courses. Language, Social Science, Fine Arts, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, Health, AP, and Electives.

#5. Indiana University High School

Official Website:

Indiana University High School is based in Bloomington, IN. They offer College Prep and Standard Diploma Pathways. Also, they have a license from Advanced.

Through IUHS, students must earn at least 10 credits. They have a tuition of $252 per course.

Students can offer Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health Education, Directed Electives and Free Electives amongst others.

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