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10 Most Expensive College in the World

1. Harvey Mudd College – $72,478

A private science and engineering school in Claremont, California, Harvey Mudd College is an undergraduate institution with a 13% acceptance rate and a total enrollment of just 815.

2. Columbia University – $70,826

Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university and is, in fact, the oldest higher education institution in New York. Located in the city itself, Columbia University was founded in 1754, making it the 5th oldest higher education institution in the United States!

3. University of Chicago – $70,551

With 217 acres of land spanning its campus near Lake Michigan, the University of Chicago has a huge enrollment of students, totalling 16,445. As a well-respected research institution, their famous slogan is “Let knowledge grow from more to more, and so be human life enriched.”

4. University of Southern California – $69,208

Founded in 1880, the University of Southern California is the oldest private research university in the whole state. The school has a pretty high acceptance rate, at 18%, but it also has a very large student body, with a total enrollment of 45,687.

5. Northwestern University – $68,725

Based in Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern’s highly collaborative environment makes it one of the country’s leading research and teaching universities. And, because of its international presence, more than 32% of its undergraduate students complete their degrees with an international experience, such as study abroad or field study.

6. Tufts University – $68,372

Tufts University was founded in 1852 as a charter member of the New England Small College Athletic Conference. Today, it is a well-known private institution with a total enrollment of 11,489 students and a 16% acceptance rate.

7. Georgetown University – $68,368

Located in Washington, D.C., Georgetown University is one of the country’s oldest and largest research universities, originally founded in 1789. It now has 9 different undergraduate and graduate schools and a total enrollment of 17,849 students.

8. Duke University – $68,298

With 10 undergraduate and graduate schools, Duke offers students a chance for academic achievement, local engagement with Durham, North Carolina, and athletic competition. Founded in 1838, it is one of the country’s oldest and largest universities, enrolling over 16,000 students at a 12% acceptance rate.

9. New York University – $68,128

While NYU’s primary campus is in Greenwich Village, the school now has campuses throughout the world, including Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Berlin, Florence, and Madrid, among other locations. It was founded in 1831 and enrolls almost 52,000 students.

10. Johns Hopkins University – $68,080

Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins University is America’s first research university and maintains the slogan “The truth will set you free.” The institution believes that sharing knowledge and discoveries is a necessity in the improvement of societies, which is why its graduates are known as some of the most well-respected teachers and global leaders.

5 Most Expensive Universities Outside of the US

1. University of Queensland – Queensland, Australia

  • MBA: $53,875
  • Undergrad: $30,086

2. University of Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia

  • MBA: $41,974
  • Undergrad: $28,291

3. University of Toronto – Toronto, Canada

  • $23,485

4. Ryerson University – Toronto, Canada

  • $23,066

5. Regent’s University London – London, England

  • Undergrad: $22,291
  • Graduate: $23,223

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